Trends, Foresight, Strategy

Apparel and sporting goods industry expertise and product knowledge, second to none.

We are the eyes and ears of the industry. Having the ability to see, and contribute to, the direction in which the industry in your particular arena is going is absolutely vital to staying ahead of the competition. We align this knowledge and foresight with your technical product requirments at every stage of the production and supply chain process.


Business Integrity

Your intellectual property is invested in your products and ideas.

This is a principle element upon which our business relationships are built. As your partner, we develop and implement a bespoke and integrated concept that exactly suits your requirements.


Industry Expertise & Guidance

Market knowledge and operational efficiency. 

Managing cross functional teams, and guidance in all aspects of the inception to delivery process. We provide point knowledge for specific areas within the product lifecycle, or a holistic strategy for the full sourcing and NPD stage to  the relevant channel delivery. Fully supported by our experience and in-depth knowledge throughout.   


Product Delivery

Multi factory manufacturing network and consolidated shipment of goods to anywhere in the world.

Providing a cost efficient manufacturing base, a reliable and structured supply chain and global distribution allows you to remain focused, safe in the knowledge that this box is well and truly ticked.


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